Link Current Work as of 28th May 2019  (Ongoing)
MGA Assemble from Paint
MGB 64 Assemble from Paint
Jaguar Assemble the Head
Mini Replace Wiring Harness
Morris Minor Repair Transmission
List (not in order)
TR6 Rear Frame and Ring Gear
MGA Frame Assembly
Mini Assemble both Subframes
TR3 Front Frame and Drivability
MGA Tune-up and service also Door problems
MGB 76 Speedo Gearbox Drive
Midget Replace Diff and fit Tonneau Cover
Spitfire Vibration
MGB 72 Suspension, Steering
TR6 Frame repairs and Clutch
Midget Front Suspension
Mini Weld in new floors
MGB 73 Strip for paint (inc. Engine out)
J2 Morris Van 1954 Complete rebuild (see Long term)
TR6 73 Suspension damage