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Also I get hired at a local collision shop in St. Catharines to put back together and to do mechanical work on British cars that have been brought into the shop to be painted. This was previously done by a now retired employee (I should be retired!!!). So I am finishing the restoration work on this true red MGA for the shop.


I have now got to the point where we can start the engine. I have installed a new wiring harness, rebuilt the master cylinders, replaced the radiator and hoses. Fitted a complete exhaust system, a windshield, grill, lights and some dashboard switches.


Along with the many small detail pieces that this kind of work requires I also fitted the fender and grill beading but used black instead of the silver. I got it from a supplier in England and am very pleased with the product.

The car has now arrived at my workshop, bit easier to complete now. 

mga sun 07

I am going to fit the Convertable Top, and the missing trim parts. The Bumpers are on one to move the car and need to be mounted for real. The car does move under its own power now so I don't have to push it anywhere. Makes life a bit easier. 

mga sun 02

The Carpet and of course the Seats need to be fitted, along with some of the Crash pads