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This has ben an ongoing restoration, it was decided when the car was first obtained that the best way to complete the resto was to do it in sections, so spreading the cost and effort over a few years. The plan has been working well and now the car is back from the paint shop in its new colour ready to be assembled.  

mgb jim 08

This is the car before I started to remove the Chorme, Lights etc. ready for the painting.

mgb jim 07

You can see the Dent in the Bumper and the Hood, also the push back on the front of the Fender has bowed out the section over the wheel arch. The Hood is the original Alumimum, the dent will be hard to remove as the back side is covered by the supporting section that goes across the front of the Hood.

mgb jim 05

I have the front of the car stripped and also the rear

mgb jim 06

The car went off to the paint shop have its new colour and the body dents and dings removed.

mgb jim 01

As you can see the body is now free of the dents on the Front and the bow in the Front fender has been fixed



mgb jim 04

All the door steps and inside door edges have been painted

mgb jim 03

So now all I have to do is put everything back, making sure it all works.