August 2018



I had a TR3 in with a lot of play in the Steering box, it was past the point of being able to adjust it. As naturally the box is in the straight ahead position for most of it's driving life they only wear in one spot. So if the wear in the ahead position is taken out, it is far to tight when turning.

TR3 1

The Steering box came out easily as it was the short shaft type, did not require the Front clip to be removed. Though it still needed the Steering wheel centre to be removed first. 

TR3 2

Once the Steering box was on the bench it was straightforward to install the parts.

TR3 3

I got a new Worm and Peg and new shims in various sizes, fortunately the bearing were Ok as they are not available new anyway. They spend their life with plenty of oil around (or should have) so they were usable.

TR3 4  

So once I got the worm changed, the box assembled and adjusted with the new oil seal fitted it was good to go back in the car. 

I agree with Moss who do have parts in stock with a PDF on doing this job. Really not a good thing for the week end mechanic to tackle, I would strongly suggest a licensed Mechanic with plenty of experiance. There are a lot of things that can and will go wrong doing this job.  


Another job I got finished was a Midget with a wiring harness along with a whole list of other things. I would normally have put this under the Long Term Projects but it is now almost finished.

Midget 1 

Just needed the Wiring completed and the Dashboard bolted in rather then hanging (in case I needed to gain access to the back of it) and that was it.

It seems I had every Yellow car in my area all come for work in the last few months, there were about five at once I think.