The way things are going



It would seem we are heading into Spring (2018), just like we do every year so no surprise there. The marker point for the start of the “season” is always the coming soon Ancaster British Flea Market (Sunday April 22nd). I like this event as it is the only serious one that is for parts vendors and does not really feature cars.

There are various shows later in the year but some of them treat the parts vendors as just an inconvenience and seem to be more enamored with showing as many cars as possible. I guess the cars make more money per square foot than the parts vendors which I suppose is the whole point of the club putting on the show.

Things are getting a bit difficult for vendors with the advent of the Internet has for years affected many things. The fact that one can now go on the Internet to buy parts direct from England or the USA is not helping. Also the majority of customers for the parts are aging as are the cars and vendors. Of course, part of the answer is to set up a website for selling parts as well. But knowing the expense of a website myself, to be honest it is debatable if it is worth the large investment. As a vendor we still get better pricing on the parts though & free shipping to Buffalo, NY from our US suppliers which is still cheaper than a single customer buying on their own. Our UK suppliers are also cost efficient as they use large shipping couriers which are reasonably priced and deliver right to our door.

The same can be said for the repairing of Brit cars as well. There are qualified and some not so qualified guys retiring or going out of business. A competent licensed Auto technician as they are now called should be able to repair a British car. Though the problem is, the labour is now worth more than the parts.
Lacking serious past experience on British cars means the tech has a learning curve that costs money. How many times will a current tech have changed King Pins on a MGB. You could count it on one hand over the next ten years if he keeps taking the job on which he more than likely won’t.

The honest truth is that repairing old cars in a modern repair shop is usually a money loosing proposition with labour close to or over $100.00 an hour. Also you can add an initial hour onto the job just for consultation. So to be able to repair older cars usually means the “Tech” is retired or close to that age.
To be honest to work a full 8 hours on the clock is difficult. If I manage it for two days straight I feel it a lot for the rest of the week. It’s a good week if I can manage 5 hours paid a day for four days straight. I still have many other things to do but they are not as physical. Am I whining enough???

So our plan is to make more videos which is something Patti and I like doing. It is surprisingly expensive to produce good ones with decent information. We have just upgraded the garage lighting and filmed another video since then. It’s so much better making the garage and the car a lot cleaner and brighter. Even the top of my head doesn’t shine anymore (that’s a good thing).
We are now producing several more videos, “MG Midget Convertible Top Replacement” as well as taking footage for an “MGB Windshield Glass Replacement”. As we get various repairs to do in the shop we hope to film as many as possible.

Anyway that’s it for now. Get your car out and drive it!!!