Terry Taurus Chapter 1



This is about the repairs to our 5th Wheel trailer, a 29 foot Terry Taurus by Fleetwood. We have used the trailer for car shows and vacations as well as extra accomodation for visiting relatives (which is much better than staying in our house). Then one eventful day we discovered a problem. It all started with a bit of water dripping from the shelf just above the sink in the kitchen area. Even though it is an 1985 the trailer was not in bad condition,

RV Camper

I checked the outside of the roof and things seemed to be Ok but the roof and wall around the leak inside the trailer seemed to be a bit soft. (Now I know what that means). It means the wood is rotten. I removed the paneling from the affected corner found the rotten wood, and just kept going following the rotten wood. I ended up removing the whole wall on the kitchen side going over the roof and down the wall on the other side by the doorway. This meant taking out the sink and cupboards, the ceiling panels, the cupboards and paneling on the complete wall. The pictures I took are when most of the wood replacement had been done. The first to be replaced was along the sink area

RV Camper 1

which also housed the electrical box and naturally the plumbing to the sink, drain, gas to the stove plus the heating vents and pipes.

RV Camper 2

The wood also needed to be replaced up the complete wall and across the ceiling and down the other wall by the door. The wiring also needed to be sorted and checked and plug sockets replaced.

RV Camper 4

The cupboards are a structural support to the walls and door openings on the trailer as are some of the partitions. I am going to put those back. Though it is interesting that now I can see the trailer is built from the inside out with the outside skin being placed on last. The whole trailer assembly is built with lightness in mind. The thinking in the design I find is very similar to that of a Uni-body car.

I have managed to get the walls and ceilings finished and even got some of the cupboards in place, thanks to our good neighbour Steve’s help.

RV inside 4

RV inside 3

RV inside 2

RV inside 1

Though now I have discovered a bit of a problem in the front of the trailer that needs to be addressed. So I will need to leave the interior and fix the outside before the weather changes.

To be continued.