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We decided we needed a company Van as well as our Chey Pick-up Truck. Not that there is anything wrong with Chevy trucks, I've used one since I came to Canada back in the 70's. But I managed to stumble across a fairly unusual Van in Canada, lots of J2 Morris in Australia it seems though. The J2 Morris is a Uni-Body with a BMC "B" Type 1500cc then 1600cc engine fitted. They are a Cab-over style giving a lot more room inside for the outside length. It has just a four speed box and drum brakes of course. The front suspension is Leaf Springs with a straight axle, Leaf Springs on the rear. The year of the Van is around 1954 or so. It has sliding doors, for Driver and Passenger and a single door giving the rear access. These are pictures taken before it left the Yard it was waiting in before I found it.

morris j2 van 05

morris j2 van 07

As you can see it needs a little work, as the adverts always say. You will notice the windsheild was broken which was a major concern for me. I did not rate the chances of finding a replacement very easily, fitting a different screen would be a lot of messing around, I thought. But as luck would have it I managed to find a screen on E-Bay in England. The only one I have ever seen by the way. It was a sign (A streak of lightening with a clap of Thunder in the background please)

morris j2 van 03

It was a chap I think in Liverpool who dealt with older parts and he agreed to ship it to me. I was natually a bit worried when the screen arrived that it would be in one piece. I had no need to be concerned the screen would have survived World War Two the way it was packed. It has never been used and is new old stock.  

morris j2 van 04

The Van came with no engine or transmission but as I am planing to use a MGB driveline as it is the same, be it a bit larger and later type block it will fit easily into place. The Tranny presents a bit of a problem though as the gearbox shifter is several feet behind the drivers seat. 

morris j2 van 02

But I have managed to find thanks, (to another guy who was actually looking at the J2 I got a week or so later than I did the deal.) The remains of another partial van complete with the engine, Tranny and Radiator along with assorted parts on the remains of a floor pan. Hopefully the gearshift will work for me. The front sides, roof and rear door and rear section are missing. I will post some pictures later.