October 2018



Here are some of the jobs I did in the beginning of October.

Replacing the windshield for a Frog-eye Sprite. A customer unfortunately had a mishap with the car and managed to damage some bodywork as well as do some structural damage to the car.

Midget Glass 1

I got the glass out of the frame and managed to straighten the frame using the new Windshield as a guide leaving enough room for the rubber to fit without stressing the glass.

Midget Glass 3

Then with the new rubber surround I got the screen into the frame which was not the easiest job I have ever done. The string method didn’t work this time so I used a special hook tool that I have. Then I put the posts on the sides ready to mount the unit into the car. I needed to make sure the posts were in line not twisted (very important) when the glass was being fitted in place.


Also in my shop I fitted a clutch in a nice Morris Mini Clubman 1970 that has a new owner. He has been driving the car all summer

Mini clutch 1

but the release bearing collapsed so I thought it prudent to change the whole clutch assembly. The clutch pedal had a lot of wear in the connection to the master resulting in a rough and quite stiff gear change sometimes accompanied by a crunch, especially going to reverse.

Mini clutch 2

As you can see it was easy access. The hydraulics were in good shape, new in fact and fitted by someone else who I suspect were trying to get a smoother clutch which obviously didn’t work.

So this is some of the repair work I did in the last week.