May 2019



Jaguar Cylinder Head

I am assembling a Cylinder Head from a  6  Cylinder, the Head has been cleaned and polished very well, it has also been ported and polished. I checked the fitted hight of the Valves and found there were a bit to deep in the head. The seats on the exhaust are in a bit to deep, I think they are original so it is not a surprise as each time the valves are reseated they sink deeper into the Head. That leaves me without enough gap for my shims. Topping the valves is not an option. On the Inlet side the owner wants modified valves fitted to go with the "Fast Cams" being used in the engine. Again I have the same problem, so the head has gone to a machine shop for the new seats to be installed.     

Jaguar V-12

I repaired the engine just about a year ago on this car, so I wanted to make sure everything was still Ok and I also fitted an upgrade to the Radiator Fans (Electric) which was a new Bosch sensor fitted with an adapter that goes in the Lower Radiator Hose. When I did the engine repair, I put each fan on its own relay to lower the amps draw though the single relay that was original.  

Chevy Pick-up Truck 

I replaced the Shackle on the rear Spring on my Chevy Pick-up Truck, it gets to push in line as I use it constantly. Not the easiest of jobs had to replace the Bushing in the rear of the Spring as part of the job. Simply because of the difficulty getting the Bolt out. Hardly suprising though. Still the Truck is now sitting level again. The original Shackle rusted and finally broke, seems it's a common problem on Chevys.


I had to get the engine running which required the Carbs to be rebuilt. the Pistons in the Dashpots were seized for one thing, and the Fuel pump turned out to be faulty. We also used the opportunity to make a video of rebuilding the Carbs (Twin Strombergs) along with how the Strombergs work. TR7 


The MGA has been ongoing over the past winter. I did some of the work at Sun Collision but now we have the car running, it has found its way to my shop for the final parts to be fitted. I still have all the carpet and trim to install and of course the Convertible Top. Here are some pictures of the work as it progressed.   MGA


This MGB has been ongoing for a number of years, it was needing a bit of care when it was first obtained by the customer. So a plan was made lasting over a number of years to spread out the cost and allow me the time to do it. We are now at the end of the Painting part of the Restoration. This to me it is the most expensive part in most cases and sets or confirms the tone for the standard of the restoration. MGB