Float Level Weber 32-36 Caburettor


weber carb infoThis Carburettor is the most common one fitted to Weber conversions including MGB, Midget and others.

Set Float Level — Whenever a DGAV is disassembled for repair (or any Carb. for that matter) the Float Level must be checked and set. Check the Float Level by measuring the distance from the Floats bottom edge to the bottom surface of the Float Bowl cover without the gasket installed. The Float is in the correct position for measuring when the Float Tab is just touching, but not depressing the spring loaded ball in the Needle Valve.

This measurement is most easily made by holding the cover vertically with one hand so the float pivot is at the top and the Float dangles straight down. See the illustration.

Move the cover slightly so that the Float Tab just touches the Float Needle assembly and then measure the distance between the Floats bottom and the cover face using your other hand. For Brass Floats assembled from two halves, measure to the surface of the Float itself, and not to the raised soldered joint at the circumference of the Float.

Correct the Float Level by bending the Float Tab Arm that presses against the Float Needle assembly. Attach the Float Bowl Cover to the Main Body Casting and secure all fitting; snug but not over-tightened.