Oct 18

Well it’s October

Well the summer has near enough ended. We are now  going into the time when I try to catch up on all my other work projects. If I get behind on this it comes to bite me on the you know what when Spring rolls around again. Which is just what happened last year and the year before now that I think of it. Work that comes in sometimes turns out to be more than anticipated sometimes putting me back months not just weeks. There is only me after all.

On my “now” list at the moment is a Clutch in a Mini, Welding repairs to the floor of a Triumph Stag, Rebuilding an E-Type Cylinder head (then possibly the engine). As well as installing an MGB Canvas convertible top and finishing the restoration of a MGA. Next on the list is a Mini front sub-frame suspension to build and then fit the engine which I rebuilt into the Frame and get the engine running and a TR3A to get steering correctly, (I’m not sure where that will go). And replacing the Wiring harness in another Mini along with some other bits. I also will get a MGB back from the paint shop to put all the body parts back on that I removed before painting. This is of course apart from the bits dropping off customers cars in the summer when they are being driven.

It was suggested I just write a small log as it were, to say what I managed to do with my time. I shall try to show pics if I can and a quick note on how the jobs are going.


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