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Oct 18

In the Garage: 1st to 15th October

Here are some of the jobs I did in the beginning of October.

Replacing the windshield for a Frog-eye Sprite. A customer unfortunately had a mishap with the car and managed to damage some bodywork as well as do some structural damage to the car.

Midget Glass 1

Broken screen and bent frame

I got the glass out of the frame and managed to straighten the frame using the new Windshield as a guide leaving enough room for the rubber to fit without stressing the glass.

Midget Glass 3

Windshield and Frame complete

Then with the new rubber surround I got the screen into the frame which was not the easiest job I have ever done. The string method didn’t work this time so I used a special hook tool that I have. Then I put the posts on the sides ready to mount the unit into the car. I needed to make sure the posts were in line not twisted (very important) when the glass was being fitted in place.

Also I get hired at a local collision shop in St. Catharines to put back together and to do mechanical work on British cars that have been brought into the shop to be painted. This was previously done by a now retired employee (I should be retired!!!). So I am finishing the restoration work on this true red MGA for the shop.


MGA on the stands

I have now got to the point where we can start the engine. I have installed a new wiring harness, rebuilt the master cylinders, replaced the radiator and hoses. Fitted a complete exhaust system, a windshield, grill, lights and some dashboard switches.


MGA on stands

Along with the many small detail pieces that this kind of work requires I also fitted the fender and grill beading but used black instead of the silver. I got it from a supplier in England and am very pleased with the product.

In my shop I fitted a clutch in a nice Morris Mini Clubman 1970 that has a new owner. He has been driving the car all summer


Mini front view

but the release bearing collapsed so I thought it prudent to change the whole clutch assembly. The clutch pedal had a lot of wear in the connection to the master resulting in a rough and quite stiff gear change sometimes accompanied by a crunch, especially going to reverse.


Clutch end of the motor

As you can see it was easy access. The hydraulics were in good shape, new in fact and fitted by someone else who I suspect were trying to get a smoother clutch which obviously didn’t work.

So this is some of the repair work I did in the last few weeks with many more jobs to come.