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Oct 18

Well it’s October

Well the summer has near enough ended. We are now  going into the time when I try to catch up on all my other work projects. If I get behind on this it comes to bite me on the you know what when Spring rolls around again. Which is just what happened last year and the year before now that I think of it. Work that comes in sometimes turns out to be more than anticipated sometimes putting me back months not just weeks. There is only me after all.

On my “now” list at the moment is a Clutch in a Mini, Welding repairs to the floor of a Triumph Stag, Rebuilding an E-Type Cylinder head (then possibly the engine). As well as installing an MGB Canvas convertible top and finishing the restoration of a MGA. Next on the list is a Mini front sub-frame suspension to build and then fit the engine which I rebuilt into the Frame and get the engine running and a TR3A to get steering correctly, (I’m not sure where that will go). And replacing the Wiring harness in another Mini along with some other bits. I also will get a MGB back from the paint shop to put all the body parts back on that I removed before painting. This is of course apart from the bits dropping off customers cars in the summer when they are being driven.

It was suggested I just write a small log as it were, to say what I managed to do with my time. I shall try to show pics if I can and a quick note on how the jobs are going.


Feb 18

Garage Lighting

This week was spent upgrading the lighting in the garage by replacing all the older type 8 foot fluorescent light fixtures with the newer T8 4 foot daylight type. Wow, what a difference. I also found a lot of stuff I didn’t know I had and it will make our videos better by having all the lights the same daylight setting.

I can now run all the lights (16) easily now on a couple of 15 amp breakers with no worries. It seems that one is supposed to save money by doing this but after working it out I think it will be 10 years further down the road before that happens. Assuming the hydro costs doesn’t go up.

I have also been considering getting “off the grid” by installing Wind Generators and Solar Panels.  This would also require setting up battery banks and controllers in order to be successful. Again, the expense of it against the savings is debatable.

Anyway at least now I can see what I’m falling over. It was really worth the effort.

Next on my list is the hoist which is an old Hoffman from the 1980 period. When we moved to Niagara we could not afford to switch the garage to 600 volt, 3-phase hydro. (I stopped the hydro guy doing the estimate at $6,000 CAD). I stayed with 220 volts and geared down the motor. It has worked well enough over the years but has trouble lifting V-12 Jags and my Chevy pick up truck as well as dimming the lights in our house and possibly the neighbours. I definitely would like a new hydraulic/electric one rather than the all electric which the Hoffman is. So on that note we need to sell more videos to afford it!!!


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Feb 18

The Dr-Doolin Magazine Launch

Patti and I, have been thinking how to package all the web stuff we are supposed to do into one place. It has been suggested that we do the following: write a blog, post pictures of what I am doing in the workshop/garage and write little How-to-blurbs with qualified information to supplement the How-to videos we already produce on various platforms such Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. which we already do. Also keeping our, website up to date. Which means James the coder and webmaster has to do it as we could not possibly afford an outside company to do this.

Promote, promote, promote!!! Are you kidding me.

And oh, by the way run a small business (only 2 of us and occasional help from the neighbours). Which means ordering, picking up, brokering and stocking parts, tracking inventory, accounting and  and keeping a cash flow going.  Plus answering the phone and continuous emails about parts & British car repairs as well as making our own products (Fender Blankets and Tools), putting sales events together and going to car shows as a vendor.

Somewhere in there I am also expected to physically repair cars which actually requires a quite bit of effort, time and thought(we only heat the garage in the winter if it’s above -5 degrees C) . Due to my many years of experience….I’m never not busy.

In short, yes, I just turned 70 in January…still crazy and young at heart. If we do everything suggested we will have no time to sleep let alone have any time off, which has been the case for quite a few years now.

So, we have decided to start a little magazine so we can have all the info in one place. This will help us to use our time wisely as some 25 year old little sh…t told us we should do. (I’m sure this comment will be taken out as as the proof-reading is done by Patti).

We have a rough idea on the type of things we want to include, and we will notify you guys and gals and post links about our magazine articles and pics. We hope you find our blog/magazine interesting and informative.


James & Patti & black cat Indie (who meows in our videos)





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